Availability ended 28/2/2021 GMT
SCREENS: Available on demand during the festival (included with your ticket)
This year’s festival concludes with five equally fantastic shorts from a mix of genres. Allow yourself to be won over by the Pixar-esque charm of Just for the record before the curtain comes down on this year’s programme with the operatic impressiveness of Auria de Wouters’s Suave. Shorts #5 will be available to view on this page during the festival (25th - 28th Feb) including a curated program of shorts in competition and a selection out of competition all available on-demand for registered festival attendees.

Roughneck is a mind-bending exploration of memory and consciousness. In the near future, mankind lives in a world where advanced technology removes negative emotions from the human experience and replaces them with a vision of a perfect human existence. But when a decorated soldier loses his wife, he finds himself experiencing something that shouldn’t be possible... pain. After he can no longer hide his grief from the world, he is targeted as a dangerous outlier, who may hold the fate of society in his hands.

In an abandoned attic, dictaphone robot REC desperately tries to connect to тхе bird that stops on its window. Using his play button to say something, he finds himself shocked by the content and scares the bird away. He rushes to make her come back, to record over his "own voice" before his battery leaks.

LUNA (DRAMA 10 mins)
Luna is the story of an evasion toward an unpredictable future, where introspection and dreams meet along the way. Nostalgia and melancoly prevail in that desolate world where the bitterness of the salt gives an acrid taste to memories of days gone forever. But outside those reddened lands, hope can be found. Luna is a tale of both a solitary and a collective journey.

FOLK YOU (DRAMA 17 mins)
A seminal month in the life of aspiring folk musician Ben Waugh as he prepares for the gig of a lifetime and the chance to secure a record deal with a major label.

SUAVE (DRAMA 15 mins)
The end of the intermission rings. Tonight, the opera house presents the Marriage of Figaro. Laetitia, a young singer discovers a few minutes apart her pregnancy and the infidelity of Nicolas, her partner in life and on stage. She curses him. Somehow, she tries to stay focused but deep down, it is sadness, anger and nostalgia that invade her. Thanks to music things change.